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    Admissions Information

    Golden Valley School is an international, trilingual educational institution whose mission is to educate for life, developing better men and women. We offer an excellent academic program which encourages our students to be true to their ideals and become agents of change in an evolving world. We believe that every child has a special talent to develop and an innate ability to learn and acquire skills during his or her life. At Golden Valley School, teaching and learning are based on a process of continuous improvement through a comprehensive, holistic education, centered on God’s love, a culture of peace, and environment protection.

    How do we achieve this?

    To achieve this, we offer a unique environment where children can develop their talents to their maximum potential, starting from our internationally accredited Montessori Early Learning Center. Our students are offered opportunities for optimal growth, guided by experienced and highly prepared professionals.

    Golden Valley educational programs follow the principles of the Montessori philosophy during the early years and until the age of six, when students are ready to enter Preparatory. From this level on, a journey begins towards primary, middle school and high school with excellent academic and human development and three languages: English, German, and Spanish.

    All instruction is provided in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by open areas. At the heart of Golden Valley are our outstanding teachers who love working with children and are highly trained in their areas.

    Dear Prospective Family:

    Thank you your interest; for us, it’s a privilege that you have selected to be part of Golden Valley School, an internationally accredited institution, which represents a stamp of quality education for students and their families.

    Our mission is to educate for life, developing better men and women and for this, we impart a holistic education that is based on high, international standards; ensuring excellent academic and formative quality, with a strong emphasis on values. We prepare students who are committed to their ideals, with sustainability, their country and the world.

    In 2015, we obtained the distinction of Diamond Academic Excellence, for being the best institution in the country, given to us by the Ministry of Culture.  We possess the award for the 2014 CIHCE (Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Calidad Educativa) Excellence in Education. In addition, in 2013 and 2014, we received the Iberoamerican prize in honor of educational quality with love and values. We belong to the ASPNET as well as members of UNESCO and we have the Ecological Blue Flag “Four Stars”.

    We are accredited through AdvanceED®, one of the United States accreditors that are renowned worldwide and due to our international projection, we were elected by the German government for their program “PASCH: Schools, partners for the future”, giving support to the third language in our institution.

    Our educational project counts with a vision toward multiculturalism, through exchange programs to England and Germany. Our curriculum proposal includes protection of the environment and a culture of peace and we put emphasis into school programs, both cultural and sporting. We feel committed to the Costa Rican education and in collaborating with the community for a more humane, sensitive and sustainable world. It would be a pleasure receiving you at Golden Valley School and start this project together.

    Respectively yours,

    Faculty and Administrative Staff
    Golden Valley School