Physical Education

GVS’ Physical Education classes promote exercise in all students in order to create fully active individuals (physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally). In addition, PE classes promote comprehensive health concepts  by encouraging consistent physical activity in students’ daily lives. Our overall goal is that students practice healthy lifestyles.

The Physical Education program is divided as follows:

  • Early Learning-Preparatory: Throughout the year various exercises and games are learned and students improve the basic skills of movement: gross motor, fine motor, laterality, coordination,  and balance.
  • 1st to 3rd grade: Throughout the year eight sports are learned and pre-sport exercises are put into practice in order to acquire the basic skills and techniques of each of the sports. In addition, classes work with the rules of each sport so that each student can maximize their ability to train or compete in this sport.
  • 4th to 10th grade: In the upper grades each semester consists of 4 units and during each unit students are exposed to two types of either individual or team sports. Through drills, dynamics and games, students:
    • Learn and apply the basic rules of each sport 
    • Improve and / or acquire the main techniques of each sport
    • Develop skills and abilities associated with each sport
    • Acquire or increase their familiarity and liking of physical activity
    • Put into practice the skills and physical and mental abilities developed in class
    • Use the social values ​​implicit in the practice of sports

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