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Maria Eugenia


Offers a collection of over 10,000 texts to our GVS students and families. These include bibliographic materials, classical and contemporary literary works, and fictional, historical, artistic, and scientific documents.

Our collection aims to provide materials to all ages of our students, from Montessori to high school. GVS subscribes to periodicals (magazines and trade magazines), newspapers and we have access to online databases and archives that reflect the latest in scientific, socio-political and artistic innovations.

Our library is a living, open and flexible space for learning, information, knowledge, innovation and communication. We build and support a community of critical readers. All families are welcome to use our services to borrow books in English, German and Spanish, and we encourage you to make use of this resource so that you have material to read and share with your children at home.


Online resources

OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog - Automated public access catalog of our library materials.

DESTINY is our document management system that allows us to manage the library and its resources in the most efficient way. It contains several search modules:

Additional Resources

Wifi network access


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