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General information

We offer an excellent academic program that encourages our students to be true to their ideals and become agents of change in an evolving world. We believe that each child has a special talent to develop and an innate ability to learn and acquire skills throughout life. At Golden Valley School, teaching and learning are based on a process of continuous improvement through a comprehensive and holistic education, centered on the love of God, a culture of peace and protection of the environment.

How do we get it?

To achieve this, we offer a unique environment where children can develop their talents to their fullest potential, beginning with our internationally accredited Montessori Early Childhood Learning Center. Our students are offered opportunities for optimal growth, guided by highly trained and experienced professionals.

Golden Valley's educational programs follow the principles of the Montessori philosophy during the early years and up to the age of six, when students are ready to enter High School. From this level, a journey to elementary, middle and high school begins with excellent academic and human development and three languages: English, German and Spanish.

All classes are taught in a pleasant environment, surrounded by open areas. At the heart of Golden Valley are our outstanding teachers who love working with children and are highly trained in their areas.

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