María Eugenia Dengo Library

Welcome to the Library

The “Maria Eugenia Dengo” Library offers a collection of more than 10,000 texts to our GVS students and families.  These include bibliographical materials, classic and contemporary literary works, and fictional, historical, artistic and scientific documents.  Our collection aims to provide materials to all of our students’ ages, from Montessori to High School. GVS subscribes to periodical publications (journals and specialist magazines), newspapers and we have access to databases and online archives that reflect the latest in scientific, socio-political and artistic innovations.

Our library is a lively, open and flexible space for learning, information, knowledge, innovation and communication. We build and support a community of critical readers. All families are welcome to come use our services to borrow books in English, German and Spanish, and we encourage you to make use of this resource so that you have material to read and share with your children at home.

Online Resources

  • OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog- Publicly accessed, automated catalog of our library’s materials.
  • DESTINY  is our document management system that allows us to manage the library and its resources in the most efficient way. It contains several search modules:
    • Library Search: searches for keywords, authors, title, subject, etc.
    • Destiny Quest: graphic interface and a form of social networking where students can share their opinions about books. Includes the more popular and novelty books.
    • Universal Search: search window that offers from printed material to digital, electronic books and access to websites.
    • WebPath Express: offers images and trustworthy websites, organized by topic that change on a monthly basis and where useful websites for homework and current events are included; it also offers a visual search for materials, such as Art, History, Economics, Biographies, Business, etc.
    • Resource Lists: allows students to archive their searches in folders and create a bibliography with the pertinent changes in APA format (American Psychology Association).

Additional Resources

  • Access to the Wi-Fi
  • Touch Screen Computers
  • Kindles-eBooks
  • Carpeted Reading Corner
  • Newspaper and periodical library (newspapers, specialist magazines, etc.)
  • Multidisciplinary spaces (for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, etc.)
  • Board games
  • Promotional Bulletin Board
  • Collection of Fiction Work for children and young adults
  • Professional and Non Fiction Collection
  • Audiovisual Collection (Music CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Service of lending books (circulation desk)
  • Loan service to classroom
  • Service of sources and support of IB investigation
  • Space for presentations and video projections
  • Space for individual and group study
  • 24/7 service available for online, digital catalog searches.


  • Information Literacy: From Elementary to High School, students receive instruction on the operation and handling of the resources in the Library, they acquire the skills for the selection, investigation and subsequent evaluation of the different sources of information as well as the responsible and ethical use of the information (academic honesty), in addition to the skills of becoming great readers.
  • Vacation Reading Program: The promotion of reading is fundamental and during the holiday periods, students are invited to read recreationally, what they like and interest them. It’s entertainment, fun and learning.
  • World Book Month: During the month of April, GVS organizes shared activities in the three languages (exhibitions, Book Fair, contests…) and has an assembly where the students, teachers and parents take part as readers.
  • Field Trips: in collaboration with teachers, visits to the National Library, National Archives and National Museum take place, with the objective of knowing the most important collections of documents of Primary and Secondary sources to GVS, as well as the intellectual and historical heritage of Costa Rica.

Library Hours

  • Monday- Thursday from 7:30 AM to 4 PM
  • Fridays from 7:30 AM to 3 PM

We offer

  • Support to the school curriculum to maximize students’ information literacy development.
  • Flexible learning spaces, cooperative and shared knowledge.
  • Digital and print resources.

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