Message from our School President

Golden Valley is an international, educational institution founded on a humanistic, spiritual philosophy, that is centered on God’s love, the human being and the practice of values.

GVS strives to form integral human beings, with social responsibility and a passion for learning where love, excellence, respect, peace, commitment, discipline, solidarity and the constant search for knowledge allow them to achieve their ideals and become agents of change for a better society.

Our mission is educating for life, developing better men and women with God’s support and guidance. We focus on two fundamental pillars: the development of peace and an awareness of environmental protection.

When our early learning students begin at GVS we focus our efforts on developing self-confident, independent learners with high self-esteem. Our early learning environment is completely aligned with the Montessori philosophy, where each child is offered all of the opportunities for his/her mental, physical and spiritual growth.

After early learning, our students continue in preparatory, primary and secondary, immersed in English, while learning German as a third language. All of our efforts are directed towards an education that develops 21st century skills, because Golden Valley is a leader in education.

In 2013, we were accredited by AdvancED. This international accreditation distinguishes us from many institutions in Costa Rica and makes us part of a select group of distinguished schools. This accreditation reflects that Golden Valley School has been recognized with a seal of distinction of quality education. As an institution we maintain this recognition by conducting annual self-evaluations, practicing reflection and striving for continuous improvement. In addition to our AdvancED accreditation, we have also been accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School, and in 2020 we will graduate our first IB class.

Golden Valley will continue to strive for a brilliant future that is full of opportunities for our students. We have always worked to develop an environment of high, academic standards, human formation and excellence in all that we do.

GVS is lead by a great team of directors and coordinators, who provide clear direction and who are united and committed to the fulfillment of our mission and vision. As educational leaders we systematically work on teacher education and training, in order to prepare them to face the new challenges of educating students of this modern world. We know that our teachers are the key that enables our students to succeed in their pursuit of knowledge through a positive environment and best teaching practices that they offer in the classroom.

Today, we are a distinguished, international, educational institution, committed to a process of continuous improvement and supported by the highest standards of quality. We are positive that with God’s help, the excellent education we offer and in the formation that you, as parents, provide in your households, we will be able to educate for life. Thank you to our GVS families that have entrusted us to educate with the highest academic standards, values and human principles.

We also want to thank and welcome all those new families who wish to be part of our family and who will support us in all of our projects. We are excited to work with families who, with joy and a vision of the future, are on our side, so that together we can fulfill our mission of forming better men and women. With God´s support and guidance we will continue to provide a holistic education that stimulates the intellectual, social and spiritual development of all our students.

Ana María Bernini Arias, PhD

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