Our Golden Valley Primary School offers a caring environment in which students develop academic and social skills to be successful in life. Our students are involved in a school community where they are stimulated and educated with integrity. Values which include respect, love, excellence, conviction, solidarity and peace are part of our daily work as we aim to develop students who are able to solve problems in a peaceful manner.

Our highly qualified staff provide students with an environment where they can be themselves, develop XXI century skills, and where they have opportunities to create, find solutions to real life problems, innovate, collaborate with others, use technology and develop communication skills.

Golden Valley School implements a variety of active methodologies that encourage higher order thinking; our students experience student-centered activities in all of their classes, where they are empowered to be responsible, independent and ultimately own their own learning process.

Our curriculum offers full English immersion in core subjects like Math and Science and German as a third language. Throughout Primary, students have the opportunity to prove their language proficiency through international standardized tests.

In Primary, our children experience an integral educational process where they can grow as a people as well as students. Our main objective is that our students enjoy the learning process throughout excellent academic programs and an holistic education.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela.

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