School Improvement Plan

The purpose of Golden Valley School’s School Improvement Plan (SIP) is to provide a strong plan that will ultimately help us execute our mission of developing better men and women.  GVS’ SIP is made up of five plans that are listed below with their goals.  These plans were developed based on the prioritized needs that were identified through a systematized data-gathering process during 2017.  Each plan has been elaborated in order to outline the work our School Teams will execute each year, throughout 2018-2020.

At GVS we believe that the 2018-2020 SIP will:  

  • Build off of previous work in our school, including the previous SIP.
  • Be designed based on the in-depth analysis of the data collected from all stakeholders.
  • Reflect our school-specific needs identified through this data analysis and be aligned to the priorities outlined during data-analysis.
  • Be regularly updated throughout the year.

GVS School Improvement Plans:

Goal: 100% of the GVS Community (staff, students and families) will know the policies and procedures of GVS and these policies and procedures will be consistently applied.

Goal: GVS will be a model institution with a culture of environmental protection that is 100% aligned with the international environmental policies.

Goal: 100% of GVS’ communicative actions provide clear, assertive and direct information.

Goal: Align 100% of our curricular programs, methodology and evaluation with 21st century skills.

Goal: 100% of GVS’ students are developed integrally in a culture of excellence that is healthy, safe and inclusive and that promotes each students’ sense of belonging at GVS.

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