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At Golden Valley School (GVS), Secondary students learn daily through their academic and social experiences. Our goal is to help students become the best version of themselves, as they interact in an excellent learning environment full of values.

Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers are always looking for opportunities to provide students with the necessary competencies and skills so that they can lead the process of their own learning.


Our two international accreditations, AdvancED and International Baccalaureate (BI), allow GVS to offer a high-level education. The rigorous GVS curriculum includes core subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, English, and German. In addition, other subjects are taught such as Physical Education, Music, Art, Technology, Critical Thinking, Character Education and Practical Arts that guarantee an integral growth of the student. Each semester, students can also select an “Enrichment” class, through which they can explore various options that will enhance their interests and broaden their vision as students.

At GVS, we prepare our students to change the world:

Living with integrity

Leading with a positive and collaborative attitude

Contributing to their communities

Reaching their full potential while helping others achieve


Acquiring knowledge to provide creative solutions

We are sure that GVS students live an educational process full of opportunities to grow in an integral way where various academic and extracurricular activities are combined to contribute to the development of better men and women.

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