Technology at GVS

GVS is addressing the need to create 21st century learners. The components of our technology program build on the school’s mission, vision and our desire to create respectful and responsible digital citizens.  We believe that it is our responsibility to instill values and develop skills in our students that allows them to explore, create, collaborate and communicate in the digital world.

The GVS Technology Plan is intended to serve as both a guide for technology related to decision making and an instrument to monitor and evaluate progress toward identified goals and objectives. Our goals and objectives have been established to meet the identified needs of:

  • Integrating technology in classrooms to improve student learning across the curricula.
  • Providing equitable technology access and support.
  • Providing secure, timely information flow between home, school, and community.
  • Providing coordinated, ongoing high quality educational technology professional development.

The current GVS Technology team meets regularly to plan for the progress and development of the technology program offered at GVS.  GVS is committed to supporting technology integration through providing both personnel and budgetary resources.

Please contact our Curriculum and Technology Coordinator, Tabitha Espinoza, with any questions or concerns at

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