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GVS Transportation

Many families use private bus services to transport their children to and from school. Although this service is contractual between families and drivers, the institution is responsible for the conduct of students while on the bus.

School bus transportation is available for students from Early Learning through High School. Buses pick up students each morning in time to arrive at school at 7:25 am Montessori buses leave school at 12:10 pm every day. Elementary and secondary school buses leave at 3:10 pm every day.

The following rules have been established specifically for bus passengers:

  • In the mornings, students should wait for the bus at the front door of their houses so that the driver does not delay and avoid being late for school.

  • The bus driver will honk the horn only once and wait for the student to load immediately, otherwise the bus will have to leave. If the bus carries fifteen students and you have to wait one minute for each student, all of them will be fifteen minutes late to school.

  • The use of seat belts is mandatory for all students. All students must be seated and facing forward with their seat belts fastened at all times.

  • Students are not to open or close windows without permission from the driver.

  • All heads, hands, etc. they must remain inside the bus at all times, and they must never be hit out the window.

  • Students must keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it.

  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus.

  • Students must be courteous to the driver, fellow students, and bystanders.

  • Students should converse in normal tones; Strong or vulgar language is prohibited.

  • Students who refuse to obey the instructions of the bus driver or refuse to obey the regulations may lose their privilege to ride the bus.

  • Upon arriving at school in the morning, students should go directly to class. When leaving in the afternoon, students are to go directly to the bus.

  • In the afternoons, an adult must be waiting for students at their destination, unless arrangements have been made for high school students to be dropped off in an empty house.

We offer services in the metropolitan area upon request.  Parents interested in bus services can ask about the service at the front desk.

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